What is CivicTheme?

CivicTheme is an open source, inclusive and component-based design system. It was created so governments and corporations can rapidly assemble modern, consistent and compliant digital experiences.

A true design system

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Based on atomic design principles

CivicTheme is a true design system based on atomic design principles. It's made up of a set of standards, reusable components and patterns.

A component library

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Connecting designers and developers

CivicTheme’s component library connects code (i.e. JavaScript, CSS, HTML) with design (i.e. Figma).

User-centred, accessible, versatile

User-centred design

User-centred design is imperative to the development process.

Inclusive and accessible — WCAG 2.2 AA compliant

Built and assessed to comply with WCAG accessibility standards 2.2 AA out-of-the-box.

Technology agnostic

A neutral design system that’s not tied to a specific technology, framework, platform or system.

Drupal, GovCMS, decoupled

CivicTheme’s first technology builds were for:

  1. The popular open source CMS, Drupal 
  2. The Australian whole-of-government CMS program, GovCMS

The roadmap aspires to support other popular decoupled UI frameworks such as React and Vue.

Open source

CivicTheme is:

  • Fully open source so communities can adopt, adapt or customise
  • Fully open source to co-create with communities for communities
  • Fully open source to build on the pioneers before us, to make it even greater again, for the next generation


Open source custodians

Salsa Digital(Opens in a new tab/window) is an open source digital innovation company focused on helping governments and enterprises become more open, more connected and more consolidated.

Ready for government

CivicTheme is based on and inspired by the former Australian Government Design System (aka GOLD Design System) and then uplifted with new features and functionality based on current users’ needs.

CivicTheme also aligns to, and facilitates compliance with, many policies of leading digital nations. These policies include open source, unified government services, and whole-of-government architecture patterns.

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