Getting started designing

The CivicTheme project includes both the open source design system and the open source build of CivicTheme. The CivicTheme design system is in Figma.

How to use the Figma designs

You can view instructions on how to use the Figma design system at CivicTheme Figma design file.  

The Figma instructions cover the following topics:

  • How to use this library
  • Customise colours
  • Colour palette
  • Primary shade colours
  • Customise fonts
  • Customise logo
  • Customise background pattern

For more information about CivicTheme please email

What are Figma design files?

Figma is the online design tool used to create the CivicTheme design system and components. The Figma files can be used and edited to suit your project, including exporting to Adobe. 

If you need help using Figma, checkout Figma's online how-to guides and visit the Figma Learn Design resource(Opens in a new tab/window).

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