Release notes

In this release of CivicTheme, we've introduced significant changes to enhance the functionality and usability of our Drupal theme. Key updates include the independent management of the UI Kit in its own repository(Opens in a new tab/window), facilitating easier access and updates to design components. We've also migrated issue management to, ensuring a more streamlined and effective development process. New features like an improved publishing workflow and media management enhancements, along with critical bug fixes like the correction of URL styling in WYSIWYG and improved navigation checks, contribute to a more robust and user-friendly experience.

Issues #1191(Opens in a new tab/window), #1197(Opens in a new tab/window), #1198(Opens in a new tab/window), #1233(Opens in a new tab/window)

Moreover, we've made several technical improvements, such as decommissioning the standalone 'Quote' component and updating the theme's source mechanism to align with best front-end practices. These changes aim to optimize the theme's performance and adaptability across different Drupal implementations. The release also addresses various issues, from UI enhancements to backend fixes, ensuring that the theme is more stable, efficient, and easier to customize.

Replaced the UI Kit Source Mechanism

We changed how the UI Kit is integrated into the Drupal theme, aligning it with the best practices in front-end development: @civictheme/uikit is now published as a package to NPM registry and any website can now install it with npm install @civictheme/uikit. The CivicTheme Drupal theme now includes the UI Kit into package.json. This allows to easily swap the version of the CivicTheme within consumer sites by simple installing a version at a specific commit.

Publishing Workflow

A new publishing workflow has been added, enhancing the way content is managed and published. We provide 4 most-used states: Draft, Needs review, Published and Archived.

Issue #3415754(Opens in a new tab/window)

Use Media Name Instead of File Name

We've improved how media is displayed in Attachment and Publication card components: the media name can be chosen to be used instead of the file name. For existing sites, this needs to be enabled in the theme settings.

Issue #3415656(Opens in a new tab/window)

Provision for Media Tags Vocabulary

We've included a new feature for managing media tags, making it easier to organise and categorise media content within the theme.

Issue #3415737(Opens in a new tab/window)

Added Hidden Region for Entity References

A hidden region for entity references has been added to the theme. For existing sites, this region needs to be manually added to your sub-theme’s info.yml file.

Issue #3415685(Opens in a new tab/window)

Decommissioned 'Quote' Component

We found that the Quote component wasn't working well with some of our layouts and was doing the same job as our Content component, which was a bit redundant. The Quote was originally intended to be part of the Content component, representing the <blockquote> tag, rather than being used on its own. To simplify things, we've removed the standalone Quote component. But don't worry, we've set up an automatic update that will change any Quote components into Content components with the <blockquote> tag for you. Just make sure to run the updates and export your site's configuration to smoothly transition and remove the old Quote component.

Issue #3415738(Opens in a new tab/window)

Fixed URLs converted to links not being styled

We've fixed an issue where URLs were converted to links and were not correctly receiving the theme's styling, making them look like default links.

Issue #3415687(Opens in a new tab/window)

Prevented Nodes in Automated Lists from Referencing Themselves

We've corrected a problem where nodes in Automated lists would list themselves.

Issue #3415742(Opens in a new tab/window)

Fixed Access Denied Page Title in Banner

We fixed an issue where banners are incorrectly displaying "Access Denied" as the page title when site caching is enabled.

Issue #3414639(Opens in a new tab/window)

Fixed Primary navigation when dropdown none is selected

We’ve fixed how Drupal processes Primary and Secondary multi-level navigation items when the dropdown type is set to none in settings - the items now appear as a single line of top level links.

Issue #3422805(Opens in a new tab/window)

Fixed Duplicated Checkboxes for Sub-theme Settings

An issue with duplicated checkboxes in the sub-theme settings page has been resolved. This was appearing in some cases, like installations of sub-theme in GovCMS SaaS.

Issue #3415751(Opens in a new tab/window)

Fixed Previous and Next Buttons in Webforms

The HTML entities used for previous and next buttons in webforms were incorrectly escaped, leading to HTML escape codes being rendered on the page.

Issue #3415660(Opens in a new tab/window)

Fixed searching within Title/Summary fields

Full-text search for the for Title and Summary fields was not working within a search page provided by the CivicTheme.

Issue #3415747(Opens in a new tab/window)

Fixed Search Page Appearance

The appearance of the search page has been corrected to match the intended design.

Issue #3414202(Opens in a new tab/window)

Added Missing Directory "05-pages"

We’ve removed an incorrectly added namespace 05-pages in used by the Components module to find name-spaced templates. This was erroneously added to the theme to replicate the atomic design level, but it is actually already represented in Drupal through pages build by using nodes.

Issue #3427321(Opens in a new tab/window)

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