The CivicTheme product team reviews community contributions following a thorough review process. Contributions can be non-technical, such as suggestions on the design or visual user experience (UX), or technical, such as code changes.

Design contributions

The CivicTheme project includes open source designs. It’s freely available to use and be modified by the wider community. Everyone can contribute back to the CivicTheme design system, including you.

Changes to the core designs, including any community contributions in Figma, will follow a workflow to be added to the core build for future releases.

Find out more about design contributions in the detailed contribution guidelines section in the CivicTheme design file(Opens in a new tab/window).

The Figma design files include the steps for making contributions to the CivicTheme project.

The 4 topics covered are:

  1. Why contribute
  2. How to contribute
  3. Criteria for contribution
  4. Roadmap

For more information about the CivicTheme design system please email

Build and code contributions

CivicTheme is an open source project with the full code available for developers to use as a ready-to-use Drupal theme. Alternatively, you can use the component library, which has a wide range of components designed, developed and user-tested with many use-cases in mind.

Code contributions can be bug fixes (issues), improvements or new features. CivicTheme uses the standard GitHub process to manage the code and accept contributions.

Go to the CivicTheme GitHub repository(Opens in a new tab/window)

For more information about to make contributions, see the CivicTheme Contributing(Opens in a new tab/window) docs. 

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