Getting started with CivicTheme

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CivicTheme is an open source, inclusive and component-based design system.
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Choose the pathway that best suits your project, timeframe and budget.
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CivicTheme resources help designers, developers, content editors and website owners understand and build with CivicTheme.
CivicTheme showcase
Screenshot of government website
Government template site

The Department of Citizens website demonstrates common government content across areas like programs, services, policies and consultations.

Screenshot of higher education website
Higher education template site

The My University website shows a sample university website focusing on university-centered design and content.


User-centred design
User-centred design is imperative to the development process.
Inclusive and accessible — WCAG 2.1 AA compliant
Built and assessed to comply with WCAG accessibility standards 2.1 AA out-of-the-box.
Technology agnostic
A neutral design system that’s not tied to a specific technology, framework, platform or system.
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Ready for government

CivicTheme is based on and inspired by the former Australian Government Design System (aka GOLD Design System) and then uplifted with new features and functionality based on current users’ needs.

CivicTheme also aligns to, and facilitates compliance with, many policies of leading digital nations. These policies include open source, unified government services, and whole-of-government architecture patterns.

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